“The writing style is crisp and clean, and the opening chapter, ‘A Gradual Meltdown’ is a fine example of the author’s use of repetition and suspense to draw the reader in. The author’s description of characters is equally successful. One example is the author’s description of Mrs. Chenko, whose ‘mane of golden hair’ and ‘shimmering jewelry dangling off her ears’ is impossible to forget. This writing is more than proficient and not only does she tell the story well, but she has a good story to tell.” – Writer’s Digest

"I have recently reached for your book and read it again. Sometimes books feel differently when read at home, rather than in travel. But this book provides the reader with pleasure and fun, and good thoughts regardless of the circumstances. So I would like to officially request that you use your talent for more writing. The excellent way in which you depict the characters, develop the story, lead the reader through the incredible experiences in your life, with the underlying philosophical and spiritual undertones, is very exciting and very rewarding for the reader. I like the way you make the reader personally “involved” in the action, as in the chapter about the NY Marathon, when I feel like I am really there with you. The dramatic ordeal in the mountains in Switzerland also provides such a feeling. Your book is both, educational and inspirational, and is a fun to read. It has a good, strong ending which wraps the whole thing tightly and gives it a deeper meaning.” – Andre Jedrzejczyk, Sydney, Australia

“...The story is engaging and compelling and how Betty perseveres and overcomes her troubles is truly inspiring.” Marlene Adelstein, Editor, New York, USA

“If you never believed in psychics or palm readers, Ms. Nin’s book makes you a believer. Not only of coincidence, fate and destiny, but most of all, when the predictable becomes the unpredictable.” Vickie Iacuzzo Messina, Author, New York, USA

“An attention-grabbing account of deadly misfortunes and disastrous accidents. However, Betty emerges a spirited person, a true survivor who, in the end, outsmarts the fortunetellers with her strong will and determination, and changes her fortune. A very inspirational read.” Raquel Gutierrez-Aoun, Activist, New York, USA

“Even amidst the turmoil of life, you should never stop living it. Think Twice Before Crossing: A Memoir tells the story of Beatriz Garcia Nin (Betty), as she reflects on her life eluding several attempts on her freedom and life. Reflecting on her ignorance of psychics, she tells a riveting and uplifting story of living one's life even in the face of danger. Think Twice Before Crossing is a moving memoir, highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review, Oregon, USA

Think Twice Before Crossing is a page-turning intriguing memoir! I loved reading each page of this fascinating book. I was very inspired reading how optimistic Beatriz's outlook on life was, especially after she experienced so many dangerous events. It really made me think and truly appreciate so many things we each take for granted each day, and to embrace each special moment. This book is an exciting read! The author's style of writing is so descriptive and real, and makes you visualize being in each situation with her. I highly recommend this book for a great escape...A must read!” Lillian Mortillaro, Sparta, New Jersey, USA

“Beatriz Garcia Nin has certainly led an interesting and adventure-packed life…one is left with a sense of ‘wow-ness’ after reading about her misfortune.” Wendy Thomas, All Book Reviews, Ontario, Canada


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