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Zumba with Popular NYC Author "Betty" on YouTube

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NYC's popular author, Beatriz Garcia Nin, aka Betty, joins the Zumba party!

I took some time off from writing to entertain a crowd at one of Westchester County's country clubs in Eastchester, New York, along with friends, Nora, Aviva and Norma. Nora, a Zumba Instructor, invited me to her demo and I could not resist going. The Zumba party got everyone dancing, especially the kids, who took to Zumba like it was second nature. I had a blast. I found a great way to let lose, stay stress-free and keep in shape. I'm hooked on Zumba and I can't get enough of it. Zumba has surely helped me get my creative writing going by recharging my body and mind. 

Here we are after the Zumba demostration (from left to right: Norma, Betty, Nora, and Aviva).


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