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Beatriz On Blog Talk

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Beatriz is on the Ken Hudnall Show on Blog Talk

Listen to my recent interview on the Ken Hudnall Show on November 18, 2009 on Blog Talk Radio. My 60-minute segment starts approximately one hour into the Show (right in the middle of the 3-hour live talk show). It was a great experience for me to connect with Ken Hudnall’s listeners and have the opportunity to share many of my incredible and horrifying events that are included in my book, Think Twice Before Crossing.

During the interview, I discussed primarily one event in particular–my near death experience (NDE). It was really a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk about my out-of-body experience and all that I had to do while I was in this state to get out of it and come back to living again. The listeners were very active in the Show’s Chat Room asking me many interesting and specific questions regarding my NDE. They were a well-informed audience on this subject and it was the perfect opportunity for me to disclose this incident publicly and openly respond to their questions. One listener asked if I would allow myself to return back to life if I were the entity judging and weighing my life experiences. If anyone pleaded to come back to life as furiously as I did, I would surely allow them to come back to life. I came back from the dead, but it was not smooth and easy...listen to my response on Blog Talk and read my book to find out what really happended.


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