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Think Twice Before Crossing: A Memoir 

Think Twice Before Crossing 

A stalker, an attempted kidnapping, freak accidents, and a near death experience. These horrifying events could happen to anyone maybe once, but all of them happened to Beatriz.

In Think Twice Before Crossing, Beatriz Garcia Nin describes how she survived a series of misfortunes that psychics warned her about. Naturally, after so many frightening incidents, Beatriz was certain that she was doomed. The title reflects her many years battling mishap-after-mishap, always thinking twice before crossing the street, or double-checking her every move, in case it was her last. After all her near-deadly exploits, she emerges a more confident woman, ready to accept more challenges and live with greater appreciation of each new day.

“I feel passionate about what has happened in my life and surroundings, and want to share my incredible experiences with the reader,” says Garcia Nin. In her book, she rekindles hope and brings a genuine voice that inspires readers to not give up and feel helpless when things go awry, but rather to “keep going” and turn the bad past experiences into good ones for the future.

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