Beatriz Garcia Nin, a 4-time New York City Marathon finisher, an author, and a successful business owner, shares some of her most terrifying events in her life in the international-selling book, Think Twice Before Crossing. Beatriz brings the reader into her thoughts as she relives the panic and the fear she experienced during each dreadful incident.

It all started when several psychics spooked her beyond her wildest imagination and told Beatriz horrible things about her life or rather, her death. She spent many years battling mishap-after-mishap; a stalker, multiple accidents, attacks, and a near death experience, among others. Naturally, after so many frightening and almost deadly exploits, she thought there was no way back to a normal life without violence and without the feeling of doom surrounding her daily activities. Why were the psychics so intent on telling her she should be dead? Her goal, in Think Twice Before Crossing, was to figure it all out, once and for all.

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